New England Snow Tire Laws

November 5th, 2015 by

More and more states are coming up with a variety of snow tires laws to ensure drivers are surrounded by cars, trucks and SUV’s that are properly prepared for driving on snow and ice-covered roadways during harsh winters like the ones experienced by New Englanders just about every year. If you live in Scarborough, Westbrook, Portland, Falmouth or a surrounding community, you should know the snow tire laws for your particular state. If you have questions about the type of tires on your car and whether they are compliant with the laws in your state, just give Berlin City Toyota of Portland a call or stop by.

According to the Heart of New England’s online publication, there are studding laws in for Maine and surrounding states. But your tires may not even be studded. If you’re not even sure if you have studded tires, just contact Berlin City Toyota of Portland, and we can take a look. The best traction is obtained with a true snow tire, which come in a variety of tread patterns similar to an all-season tire’s tread pattern. Traditionally, snow tires were noisier than all-season tires, but with so many technological advances in the design and manufacture of tires and with newer compounds and computer-enhanced tread designs, maximum traction can be achieved washout those pesky noises.

Local State Studded Tire Regulations
Connecticut: November 15 – April 30
Main: October 2 – May 1
Massachusetts: November 2 – April 30
New Hampshire: No restrictions
New York: October 16 – April 30
Rhode Island: November 15 – April 1
Vermont: No restrictions

Please contact Berlin City Toyota of Portland today to get the answers you need about snow tires and stud laws if you live in or around Scarborough, Westbrook, Portland, or Falmouth.