How to Winterize Your Car

November 12th, 2015 by

Now that winter is here, if you have not yet winterized your car, it’s time to do so. Berlin City Toyota of Portland, serving Scarborough, Westbrook, Portland, Falmouth, and surrounding communities, will be happy to get you scheduled for a winterizing appointment at your earliest possible convenience. If you choose to winterize your car yourself, here are some things you need to know.

Check the antifreeze (coolant): The engine cooling system should be filled with an even mixture of antifreeze and distilled water to prevent boiling over and freezing. Antifreeze testers can be purchased at auto parts store to test the mixture.
Change the oil: Use the recommended oil viscosity range for winter. 5W-30 flows more quickly in cold weather than 20W-50; most automobile manufacturers recommend 5W-30 oil for year round protection.
Check the tire pressure
Check the battery: A battery older than four years may need to be replaced; cold weather can reduce the battery’s power.
Check hoses and belts: Cold weather can reduce the life expectancy of both belts and hoses. Make sure they’re in good condition before winter.
Check wipers and wiper fluid: You’ll use a lot of wiper fluid to remove snow and slush from your windshield and rear window. Keep plenty of wiper fluid in your vehicle, and be sure your wiper blades are in good condition.
Keep an emergency kit in your car: Blankets, bottles of water, snacks, a flare, jumper cables and warm clothes should all be kept in the trunk (or back) of the car in case of an emergency in cold temperatures.
Check to make sure AWD or 4WD options can be activated.
Residents of Scarborough, Westbrook, Portland, Falmouth, and surrounding areas can stop by Berlin City Toyota of Portland and schedule an appointment to have your car winterized. Or, simply give us a call or fill out our online appointment form, and we’ll get you scheduled as soon as we can.