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Maine Toyota dealer excited for the 2012 Rav4 to land on our lot

Sports utility vehicles have been quite popular over the past few years, especially amongst Portland ME Toyota enthusiasts.  Combining a stylish design with all the power that you would need when going off the beaten path, SUVs have managed to offer a unique blend of comfort and power.  The problem that many car buyers face is that, with a family, they need plenty of storage space and enough room to keep everyone comfortable.  This used to mean that a boring, underpowered, minivan was the only way to go.  The 2012 Toyota Rav4, soon to be available at Berlin City Toyota in Portland, is what is being called a "crossover" because it combines the power of an SUV with the roominess of a standard minivan in a smaller and more stylish package.

One of the things that people dislike about Minivans is the look.  They're generally large, clunky and have never been known for style.  While some people may have had to settle for a boring minivan, the crossover is here to change all that.  The 2012 Toyota Rav4 is being called a compact crossover because it is somewhat smaller than other crossover models.  The 2012 Toyota Rav4 can be a great option for people looking for space, style and power in a smaller, easier to park size.

Toyota isn't planning on changing too much in the design of the 2012 Rav4.  At first look, it is quite similar to last year's models but now comes in a range of new colors. 

The 2012 Rav4 models remain an extremely stylish and attractive four-door crossover, making current Maine Toyota owners possibly consider upgrading to the 2012.  One of the most noticeable features on the 2012 Rav4 is the tailgate door.  Most SUVs, minivans and even crossovers have a tailgate door that swings upward.  While this is great for certain occasions, some people have trouble getting the door back down.  The Toyota Rav4 2012 models are being shipped with a unique tailgate that swings out sideways like its passenger and driver doors.

Much like other crossovers, the new 2012 Toyota Rav4 is built with a solid frame.  Most SUVs, even other Toyota vehicles, use a larger, truck like construction.  This build type means that the body and the frame are both separate elements.  The 2012 Rav4 comes with a uni-body construction, which ensures a lighter over all weight while ensuring a strong and stable frame.  The lighter construction of the 2012 Rav4 models has allowed Toyota to include plenty of cabin space, which, in many cases, rivals that of full sized SUVs.

Stay in touch with one of the leading ME Toyota dealers, Berlin City Toyota, to find out exactly when this redesigned SUV will be on the ground and ready for you to drive.


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